Sheepgate Tack & Togs Championship 2023 Event

4 days of British Dressage competition at Sheepgate and nearly 400 dressage tests completed… This event is a little different to any others, as Sheepgate add a special touch with a championship competition as an additional edit to the competition. 

Prizes for 2023 were very kindly donated by Saracen Horse Feeds as well as Sheepgate themselves gifting prizes, covering 1st – 10th  at each level per section as well as a winners prize for the Freestyle to Music Classes. Prizes included the new Sheepgate Jute Bags which have been a huge favourite for many years, as well as Saracen Buckets including Re-Covery Mash, treats and many more vouchers… 

So, let’s share the results! Congratulations to all combinations and thank you to everyone for supporting the venue and entering this show…
Prelim Championship 


1st Di Hart & Shroughmore Emperor (136.954)

2nd Elizabeth Britton & Delphale Alice (135.186)

3rd Sophia Sutton & Stockham Nicholai (133.362)

4th Ruby Keep & Southway Lady in Red (126.587)


1st Samantha Sutton & Magic Heidehof’s Aleandro (134.706)



1st Amy Wray & CE Jibber Jabberwockey (141.056)

2nd Julie Robinson & Woodlander West Virginia (139.842)

3rd Kelly Brown & My Mills Will (139.698)

4th Lauren Spradbury & First Summer (139.023)

5th Sarah Farrand & Jevgeni Van De Falieberg (133.699)

Novice Championship 


1st Di Hart & Shroughmore Emperor (128.196)

2nd Sophia Sutton & Stockham Nicholai (125.699)

3rd Penny Roberts & Ruby Mai (120.783)


1st Kelly Brown & My Mills Will (136.863)

2nd Eve Corrigan & Clontumpher Dream (136.308)

3rd Harriet Drewery & Desana (132.258)

4th Samantha Sutton & Magic Heidehof’s Aleandro (128.286)


1st Lauren Spradbury & CDT Jasmjin (135.227)

2nd Lauren Spradbury & First Summer (135.089)

3rd Lynn Perry & Heavensent (133.602)

Elementary Championship 


1st Harriet Drewery & Desana (133.316)

2nd Janel Yusuf & Destaniro (129.236)


1st Thomas Eastwood & Amitola Warrior (135.403)

2nd Emma Openshaw & Carvella (135.289)

3rd Charlotte Zehetmayr & Fürst Pierre (130.441)

4th Emma Elliott & Greenacres Checkpoint (130.029)

5th Sally Wilkin & Active Don Escudo (126.380)

6th Sally Wilkin & Athens Limelight (125.313)

7th Caroline Vine & Diamond Buffet (119.839)

8th Angela Bishop & `Lucy Minaj (116.314)

Medium Championship 


1st Rachael Morphey & Jago II (119.460)

2nd Ruby – Lou Morphey & Billy Rocket (111.450)


1st Jessica Parr & Gabber D (140.060)

2nd Julie Robinson & Llangelynin Pollyanna (133.640)


1st Anna Wilson & Escojunio Ballante (147.660)

2nd Louise Clark & Dimaggio’s Hit (122.670)

Advanced Medium Championship 


1st Judy Hancock & Just Dance BH (140.570)

3rd Jessica Parr & Gabber D (135.150)

4th Alison Timmins & Johnny Fletch (133.760)


1st Anna Wilson & Escojunio Ballante (138.060)

2nd Anna Wilson & Mercurio SS (134.680)

3rd Louise Clark & Dimaggio’s Hit (121.210)

PYO FEI Championship


1st Alison Woulds & Zagalote 11 (119.710)


1st Judy Hancock & Just Dance BH (135.590)

Freestyle to Music Championship 

Combinations riding atleast two music tests at the same level, over the 4 days, if the combinations rode three or four music tests, their two highest percentages would go forward for the overall result. 

Prelim FSM

1st Sophia Sutton & Stockham Nicholai 

Novice FSM 

1st Amy Wray & CE Jibber Jabberwockey

Elementary FSM

1st Catherine Chalkly & Bradwell Dun Deal 

Medium FSM 

1st Julie Robinson & Llangelynin Pollyanna

Advanced Medium FSM 

1st Alison Timmins & Johnny Fletch


1st Lisa Clarkson & Giannova 

Inter 1 FSM 

1st Alison Woulds & Zagalote 11

Thank you to our Sheepgate Team, judges, writers, supporters and of course our competitors!
We look forward to the championship next year…

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