Championships at Sheepgate

There's a championship for everyone...

Whether you just want to enjoy a more exclusive event or try to qualify for the Petplan or National Championships, we’re delighted to be able to cater for all of you!

Summer Regionals

We are honoured to be running the summer regionals for the first time this season... Save the date 13th-15th July 2024.

Summer Area Festivals

A championship allocated to the bronze and silver riding, competing to qualify for the Petplan finals... This event will run 8th-11th August 2024.

Sheepgate Tack & Togs Championships

Our very own championship with no prior qualification needed... Dressage, shopping and wonderful prizes!!

Sheepgate Under 25's Championships

One of our biggest events of the year for our youth riders... Supporting all levels including team classes!

Stabling Available

Many competitors travel a far distance and make use of our stabling on-site…

Our supporters have travelled from Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man and Ireland to name a few locations… 

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