Let’s discuss your horses mechanics and fundamentals…

Let’s discuss your horses way of going, fundamentals and our expectations…

What are we doing? Time to do something different?

We must strive to understand the horses body and set them up to ‘win’ and not to ‘fail’. Now I certainly don’t mean from a competition perspective, I really mean from a functionality and longevity perspective. Let’s remember, they are certainly not built to be ridden, and we sit on the weakest point! How about if we have the ability to prevent possible problems from starting?

We see many horses where modalities are being used and are really just treating a constant symptom, instead of really looking at the horses global mechanics and finding solutions to significant postural and compensation changes that have occurred over the years.

We need to start looking at our horses in depth. Unintentionally, we are creating faults and changes to our horses mechanics because subtle dysfunctions have crept in and have not been noticed.

These may be caused by tack, poor hoof balance, unbalanced rider, injuries etc. The list goes on. Remember they are flight animals so will hide most things from us if they are able to.

It may seem normal and the particular horse concerned has ‘always been like that’ and we then try to ‘train’ this horse to ‘work harder’ and ‘listen to us’ despite physiological challenges and possible pain and dysfunction, but I would like you to start thinking ‘Has it’? Unless we have known the horse concerned since birth how do we truly know what is conformation and what is actually postural changes to the horse’s mechanics that have been changing subtly over many years?

Remember, what are we doing and why are we doing it!

We need to address these dysfunctions and possible painful mechanics for the good and longevity of the horse and its welfare.

We expect our horses to perform to their best ability but that means we have to help them too! Let’s address their movement and how they are possibly asymmetrical rather than just ignoring it and hoping it goes away as this could be the answer to many of your problems…

Let’s take some action and make your horses happier!

Lucy Makepeace

Equine Functional Practitioner
The Osteopathic Approach
Horse Rehabilitation
Lincolnshire Equine Sports Massage

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