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Live Scores
Class 1A
Intro RESTRICTED - Intro A 2008 / B 2009 / C 2016

Judge:  C: Ms R Grundy
Arena: 1

Time Number Rider Horse Sec CCol % Place
11:23 96 Jake Saint Yggdrasil goldfaxi 153.56566.74% 1
12:07 86 Amie Wilkinson Peppermint II 146.56463.70% 2
11:30 84 Karen Bond Hales Leda 146.56363.70% 3
12:32 96 Jake Saint Yggdrasil goldfaxi 1456363.04% 4
11:37 89 Jessica Crisp Elka Van Den Hoogen Akker 144.56362.83% 5
12:00 79 Adele Goff Veloso 0

Please Note: Whilst we endeavour to ensure that these scores are correct, all scores shown are provisional and are subject to final checking at the end of the class. Final scores will be printed and displayed on the results board at the end of the class.

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