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An Introduction to Equipilates™
My first introduction to Equipilates was when I read Lindsay Wilcox-Reid’s ‘Pilates for Riders’ book in 2010. My fascination continued page by page and within only a few hours I had read the book cover to cover. This was before I had undertaken my Pilates teacher training, after which I read the book again and this time it took on a whole new meaning to me.

On discovering that I was able to train as an Equipilates teacher, early in 2012, I had no idea then just what a fascinating journey it would take me on.

My passion for riding started many years ago and my attention to detail and perfectionist traits show through in everything I do so like any other dressage rider I was constantly in search of that perfect position while riding.

My own Pilates practice started in January 2008 and this gave me a real insight into isolating different parts of my body and how significant this was to my own riding. I quickly discovered how this helped me in my own teaching of developing rider’s positions.

On completing my Modern Pilates Teacher Training in February 2012 my Equipilates journey then began.

So what is Equipilates?
Equipilates is movement and alignment therapy for riders developed by Lindsay Wilcox-Reid. In simple terms Equipilates will help you and your horse perform with greater harmony, your body will become more effective, more flexible, more balanced, and more elegant, it will function more efficiently and you will be able to switch on parts of your body that you need and switch off other parts that interfere.

Does this sound familiar?
I struggle with sitting trot
My saddle constantly moves one way
I am stronger in my left hand or right leg
I lose my balance easily
I feel insecure when my horse spooks
Every horse I ride has the same issues
I am coming back to riding after having a break
My horse always pulls in the same rein
My horse is struggling to bend to the left or right
My body aches when I have finished riding
I prefer riding on one rein
My circles are easier to ride one way than the other
Tension take over at times
My canter transitions are always unreliable
My centre lines are never straight

There’s good news, Equipilates can help.

These are all common issues that any trainer is faced with on a daily basis. With the use of various exercises, the use of gym balls, Chi balls, spiky balls, prickle balls, resistance bands, foam rollers and wobble boards, Equipilates will change your riding to allow you and your horse to work with increased harmony, fluency and ease. This all comes with practice and the more you invest in time and effort the more rewards you will reap but should gain an insight into the enormous benefits of Equipilates after your very first session.

It's as simple as A, B, C...
The ABC of Equipilates

Alignment – The optimum alignment comes from increased awareness of your body and how it moves, not just sitting in the right place and looking correct. Through Equipilates a rider will feel the correct alignment and educate their body to maintain that correct feeling.

Breathing – In times of trouble the first response is to hold the breath! This sends all sorts of panic signals to the horse as well as the rider. The continuous flow of an easy breath into the rider’s belly is essential to maintaining harmony.

Core Sense – Maintaining that core connection allows the rider to use their feeling of timing to the maximum benefit, being able to be passive when required and active when needed. Switching on what’s needed and switching off what’s not needed

Equipilates sessions are limited to small numbers and the session will cater for each individual's needs.

Various exercises and equipment will be used to allow each person the maximum benefit. Sessions are informal, friendly and you are sure to have some fun!

All enquiries to

See you at an Equipilates session soon...your horse will thank you for it!











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