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The Benefits of Pilates with Sarah Payne

Everyone can join in, whatever their age, ability and fitness level

Improvement in your body awareness, balance and flexibility

Challenges your core stability

Greater co-ordination of your body

Tones the body and defines the waist

Develops your strength from within your centre

Reduce your stress levels and tension within your body

Helps to induce a feeling of calm and gives your body a feeling of lightness

Focus your mind and challenges your body the Modern Pilates way

Realign your body, highlight areas of strength and weakness and help each individual to improve the symmetry within their body

Offers a workout to the entire body

Helps to prevent injury and can help with rehabilitation after injury or surgery, once permission has been given by your GP

Helps to protect your back from the strains of daily activity at work and play

Will compliment everybodyís daily lifestyle by introducing a more mindful approach to each personís body

Lots of variety with the inclusion of resistance bands, spiky massage balls, yoga blocks and Chiballs

So what are you waiting for... Book your class today !

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