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Where is the stabling?

At the end of our main drive there is a building in front of you. Turn right through into the stabling and parking area. At most times the stable manager will be present. If you arrive very late the area may not be manned. As you drive into the field the stable plan will be displayed on the stable manager’s hut. If there is no one to direct you please refer to this.

I have permanent stabling. Where is this?
Please turn left instead of right and park in the lorry park near the office buildings. Permanent stabling is on our main yard which is beside the fenced outdoor school.

Do the stables have bedding in?
All stables have some bedding in them already if you require more bedding shavings can be bought from us or you can bring addition bales from home.

I have booked stabling for the first day. What time will it be ready from?
Stables will be ready from 12 noon on 18

What time do I have to vacate my stables by?
On your last day you must vacate your stable by 4pm unless you have booked an extra night. If you think you will need to keep your stable please contact the stable manager ASAP. Please leave your stable clean.

Where do I park?
All overnight parking is near the temporary stables. You will be directed to a space. Please do not waste space between vehicles.

Can I buy haylage and feed on site?
Baillie Haylage, hay
and shavings  are available to buy.

I have booked hook up. What do I do?
Make it clear to the stable manager that you have booked hook-up. There are specific parking spaces for these boxes. Please do not park in a hook up spot if you have not pre- booked.

I am arriving very late at night or early in the morning. What do I do?
If you are concerned about finding us, finding stables, etc and you are arriving late or early please ring 07768 156262 in advance and we can let you know your stable number etc before you arrive.

If I need emergency help of any description what do I do?
The stable manager will be present most of the day at the stabling area. There will also be signs with phone numbers to ring if you need help. All emergency service are on standby for this event. We can also organise a farrier, mechanics, tyre companies etc for any other problems. You can visit the equestrian office if you need additional help. We have not yet found a problem we have been unable to help with! As always though we like a challenge- please do not be worried about asking for our assistance!

Is there any where to buy food?
Our café is open from dawn to dusk over the duration of the show. There is also a small shop within walking distance. A list of places to eat off site can be found on our website.

Where is there to stay off site?
A list of accommodation can be found on our website.

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