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Which classes are these?
Classes 2
a & 2b  & 24 a - c and Class 28 a – c.

Who is eligible to compete in these?
If you would like to be on a team please contact your regions RDO or BYRDS Rep.

I have been selected for a team which classes do I enter?
You will be selected at your appropriate level and must ride in Classes 2
a and 2b if you are competing at Medium level or above. Class 24 and then in Class 28 if you are competing at Prelim, Novice or Elementary level. For example if you are the team’s preliminary rider you need to enter class 24a and 28a. Please ensure you state which team you are in.

How does the team competition work?
Each region may send multiple teams please contact us if you are sending more than 6 teams ( Prelim, Novice, Elementary and Medium and above. Prelim, Novice and Elementary should enter Class
24  and 28 clearly stating which section. Riders selected for Medium and above should enter Class 2a & 2b

The team and individual results will be calculated from all relevant team classes, with the highest 3 scores counting. Results will be calculated using points awarded for placings in each team class. 1st place will be given 1 point and 10th place 10th points. In the event of an equal, the highest average score will count. Riders must be eligible to compete at their chosen level and a rider/horse pony combination may only compete on one team at one level.

Teams will be selected through their region and co-ordinated by their BYRDS Representative or R.D.O. The BYRDS Rep / RDO must declare all team members at the close of entry using the designated team form and include an email contact. Riders please state on entry form which team you are in.

Each class will be awarded rosettes each day and then overall each class will be awarded prizes, plus rosettes to 10th place individually and rosettes to the top 6 teams at each level.


The team entry fee is £70 per rider this covers both classes.

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